Samy El Ghoul

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10 signs your personality is intimidating others

This world is a judgemental one. People often know very little about us, sometimes they do not even know our names, yet they judge us all the same.

Do not let the words or actions of these people bother us, We are who we are, not who others perceive us to be.

Generally, intimidating people come across as rude. Those around them fail to see the kind person that they truly are behind the tough exterior. This can cause issues for them from time to time, however I have found that the most intimidating people can also be the most caring once you know them.


Here are the 10 most common traits of ‘intimidating people.

1. You always speak the truth

Honesty is an integral part of your personality. If you say you are going to do something, you will always follow through fully.

2. You are direct and straight to the point

You value being honest and direct over protecting others feelings. Lying is not an option for you, period.

3. You are open minded and willing to do new things constantly.

You are always perceptive to new ideas and always willing to try the next new thing. You are able to achieve success in ways that most people wouldn’t even consider. Sometimes they even put you down because your open mind puts them out of their comfort zone.

4. You create solutions in innovative ways.

You aren’t a follower, and you don’t focus on the problem. You focus on the solution and you get things done.

5. You are strong-willed

You are focused like an arrow and willing to go extra lengths to make what you need to do happen.

6. You do not like complainers.

You would rather be alone and work alone than be with someone who spends all day complaining. You don’t have time for their bullshit and you know that they will do nothing but bring you down.

7. You have no tolerance for willful ignorance.

Because of how open minded you are, you do not entertain judgemental people. You will walk away from them or lose your patience with them, you might even give them a piece of your mind.

8. You are wise, sometimes beyond your years.

You have revolutionary ways of thinking and learning new things. You think things over thoroughly from A to Z. You often times far surpass your peers, leading to them resent you.

9. Small talk just doesn’t work for you.

Small talk is annoying to you. People try to take your time and energy discussing mundane things but you will have none of it. Conversations must have purpose and meaning for you to find them engaging, interesting, and even just worthwhile.

10. You are kind.

You are one of one of the nicest people others will meet. People may be quick to judge you because you do not waste time and often see vast success. People love to judge others doing better than them, this is just another one of those instances.